Marguerite M. Nocchi, Esquire

Nocchi Law, PC

Marguerite began her law career as a student advocate for abused women in 1988. Since that time, she has developed an approach that balances advocacy and settlement strategies to minimize the trauma often associated with divorce. Marguerite and her professional staff work in tandem to navigate your case through the judicial system.

The law office of Marguerite M. Nocchi, Esquire: Where a concentration in family law lends itself to a “boutique firm” and your case is given the tender care and attention it deserves.

Marguerite M. Nocchi, Esquire concentrates her practice in the area of family law offering sound advice in divorce, support, custody, division of assets, and adoption. In addition, Marguerite assists many clients in developing an estate plan by preparing wills, health care powers of attorney, and durable (financial) powers of attorney. Marguerite also has experience probating estates and preparing the REV1500 tax return for the family members of the decedent.

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