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The best advice I had ever gotten

I found myself in the unenviable position of having had my daughter placed into an adoptive home without my consent. There were several unusual extenuating circumstances, one of which was the fact that the litigation process was taking place in Montgomery County, 50 miles from where I lived. I didn’t know ANYONE down there. A well-respected family lawyer from my area recommended Marguerite Nocchi, having worked with her in the past with favorable results. It turned out to be the best advice I had ever gotten from anyone. The moment I met Marguerite I felt that we were on the same page. Her passion for what she does was evident immediately. She was able to comfort me, and with all the highly charged emotional issues of my case, that was very important to me. But it was the way she dissected my case and brought forth a plan of attack according to the facts of the case that really brought me the confidence I needed to carry on with the rest of my life, without being overwhelmed by the stress of the whole situation. I really felt as though we were a team. A team with one common goal. Marguerite’s enthusiasm, savvy, and knowledge of the law was instrumental in bringing about the results that were so important to me. Her knowledge of the opposing legal team, the judge and all the intermediaries, and their tendencies were also key factors in the presentation of my case. Something I would not have gotten from someone without her considerable experience. My trial and ensuing appeal were handled with expertise and compassion. Those were the two things I so desperately needed at that time. And I got them with Marguerite Nocchi. —

From: Sean C.


Skilled, results-oriented, and compassionate attorney.

I called Marguerite for the first time after I fired my initial divorce attorney nearly as fast as I hired him. When I told Marguerite why I was calling, her first words to me were, “Are you sure you don’t want to try to save your marriage before coming in to see me”? Right then, I knew I called the right person. Unlike other attorneys I’ve seen or heard about, she focused on what MY goals were and NOT on pointless – and expensive – grandstanding that does nothing but add antagonism to an already difficult process. By focusing on me and my goals, and by doing so in a human way, she helped me reclaim my dignity while also ensuring I got a favorable custody arrangement and financial settlement… and she did so in a very expeditious manner. I highly recommend Marguerite to anyone who is interested in a skilled, results-oriented, and compassionate attorney.

From: Bob H.


A rare find

It is a rare find to have an attorney who combines a mastery of the legal system and process, a genuine dedication to her clients’ best interest, and the skill to temper and garner the best outcome from even the most emotionally charged of negotiations. I cannot say enough about Marguerite Nocchi and the gratitude I have for her dedication to me as her client.

From: Gina V.


Handle the matter professionally and in a timely manner

We met Marguerite Nocchi, Esquire when our family was in crisis and out daughter was involved in a hostile custody matter. She was able to handle the matter professionally and in a timely manner to put us in a much better legal position. Marguerite was always available for good advice and family support. Eventually the custody matter came to trial, and Marguerite was able to persuade the Judge to grant the relief that was in the best interest of our granddaughter. We are thankful to have met Marguerite and we wholeheartedly recommend her legal services.

From: Kirk G.


She is one in a million!

I can’t thank Marguerite enough for all she did for me as she represented me during my divorce. It was a very trying & emotional time for me. Her true compassion & understanding in addition to her professionalism & cooperation were all outstanding during this most stressful and life changing event. I always felt that I received the best advice possible. When I talked to friends and family, they were amazed at how much she knew and the timely advice she gave me in every situation. Most importantly, going through a divorce, so many questions arise and communication was always immediate. She always returned my calls or e-mails with a quick response to any question or problem I had. The emotional support she offered was tremendous. Much needed in such a difficult time. Her staff went above & beyond to make sure my divorce went as smoothly & quickly as possible. I never thought I would find myself going through a divorce, but I am truly grateful that I found Marguerite. She is one in a million! I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs a dependable, knowledgeable, and very human lawyer.

From: Denise H.